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Learn more about neutering

Neutering surgery is carried out in many pets and we are always happy to advise you whether and, if so, when to have your pet neutered.

Neutering involves removal of the ovaries and often the uterus in females, or of the testes in males. For the more exotic species (pets other than cat, dog or rabbit) we recommend a free pre-op check to discuss the procedure and whether it should be performed (for instance we do not recommend routine surgical neutering of ferrets although other forms of intervention must be undertaken in females or they can die). When your pet comes to one of our premises to be neutered a veterinary nurse will explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have on the morning of the operation.

On admission, your pet will be given a mild sedative and also a pain killer so that he or she will be relaxed and comfortable throughout the day.

Your pet will be cared for in a comfortable ward, with close supervision before and after the operation by one of our veterinary nurses. A nurse is also responsible for monitoring the anaesthetic, and our nurses are very carefully trained in anaesthetic procedures. A veterinary surgeon carries out the surgery and ensures that all is well for the pet to return home later that day.

The benefits of having your pet neutered with Plymouth Veterinary Group

  • Close supervision and care by a veterinary nurse throughout the day.
  • Great attention paid to keeping your pet relaxed and pain-free.
  • Vets handle tissue very gently, and use a method of stitching wounds that allows the stitches to be hidden under the skin so that your pet is comfortable and cannot nibble or pull them out.
  • Cost of the operation includes all normal aftercare and post-op check ups.
  • Pet Health Club members receive a 20% discount.

For any further information or advice, please do not hesitate to contact us.