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Medicine for your pet

Prescription only medicines

Many commonly used medicines including ear drops and flea preparations are licensed as prescription only medicines (POMs). This is usually for safety reasons. We are not able to prescribe or dispense such medicines unless the animal is considered to be “under our care”. This means that the animal should have been examined for many conditions every 3 to 6 months, but at the very minimum within the last 12 months, depending on the medication.

We know that this may be frustrating but we have to fulfil our legal obligations in responsible prescribing. These requirements are ultimately in your pet’s interests, so we would ask you to be patient and have your pet re-examined at the advised intervals.

Please note that medicines are normally dispensed in child-proof containers. If this is likely to cause you any difficulty please ask for an alternative packaging at reception.

We are not allowed by law to re-use dispensed medicines that have left the premises. Returned medicines can only be disposed of.


We run a well stocked dispensary which is able to supply most of the tablets, medicines, ointments and drops prescribed for your pet. Many of these veterinary medicines are for animal treatment only.

It is, however, possible for pharmacists to obtain supplies of these medicines. Therefore if you would prefer to take a written prescription to a pharmacist please ask for one to be completed. Please give at least 24 hours notice if a repeat prescription is required. There is a charge for a written prescription and this includes a pharmaceutical fee to cover the vet’s responsibility in prescribing medication. Owners should note that it is illegal to obtain medicines from abroad.

Prescription cards

For pets on long term medication we are able to issue prescription cards for your convenience. These cards enable you to collect further supplies of medication for 3 to 6 months without the vet having to be consulted each time. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered by telephone or online.

You should receive a reminder for re-examination of your pet before the prescription card expires. This examination is to measure your pet’s progress, check for side effects ensuring that the medication is the most appropriate for your pet’s needs. Once the card has expired, neither reception nor nursing staff will be able to dispense further supplies.

15% discount on drugs

As an added incentive, the prescription card entitles the holder to a 15% discount off the medication(s).

Collecting medicines

We are aware that sometimes we may keep you waiting when you pop in for a repeat prescription, because a trained member of staff may not always be immediately available to dispense drugs. Also, it takes some time to count out a month's supply of 2 or 3 different types of tablets! To make this more efficient we would therefore ask that you:

  • Telephone your request for a further supply of medication.
  • Do not wait until you have just given the last tablet (i.e. panic - we may have also run out!)
  • Give at least 24 hours notice (most Doctors require 2 or 3 days)
  • Do not request a further supply after the Prescription Card has expired - it causes embarrassment when your request may be refused.
  • Do make an appointment with your usual veterinary surgeon just before the card expires.
  • Do ask the vet if you can have a prescription card if your pet is already using a medication regularly.

The system of repeat prescription cards generally works very well, and means that we can continue to help improve the quality of life for your pet. If you have any ideas for further improvements then please discuss them with any of our staff.